RxFoundation is one of America's leading Prescription Advocacy Organizations that specializes in obtaining free or discounted prescription medication for its members through Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs). (RXF) provides prescription drug assistance by helping its members locate, qualify for, and successfully access hundreds of free prescription programs on an ongoing basis for only a fraction of the would-be retail costs for name brand prescription medicines. (RXF) also works with thousands of doctor's offices and healthcare clinics to ease the administrative burden of providing medication support to their patients through prescription assistance programs. (RXF) is the most thorough Prescription Advocacy Organization in the nation. Our unsurpassed knowledge and experience with hundreds of Patient Assistance Programs, our state of the art technology for managing Free Prescription Medication Assistance Programs and our commitment to excellence allow us to provide a level of service to our members that other advocacy companies and healthcare workers just cannot match.

    We know of no other program that does as thorough a job with the on going management and advocacy of Prescription Assistance for its members than we do.


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